Carson Fitzgerald
Contestant Profile
Hometown USA

'Survivor: Las Vegas'

Tribe(s) Mirage
Placement 4/16
Challenge(s) Won TBA
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 35
Carson Fitzgerald is a contestant on Survivor: Las Vegas.


Survivor: Las VegasEdit

Name: Carson Fitzgerald
Age: 14
Current Residence: USA
Personal Claim to Fame: being a flop
Inspiration in Life: my sister!
Hobbies: orgs, technology!!!!
Pet Peeves: annoying people, rude people, people in general, smoking, loud people, people who tell jokes that aren't funny but expect people to laugh even though their joke fell flat, like? dont you get it, you're not funny
3 Words to Describe you: dramatic, dramatic, dramatic
If you could have three things on the Island with you what would they be and why?: computer bc... im a flop without technology, portable battery because computer, and router because wifi
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: no one!!! im unique! o3o ok but tbh probably like... cydney gillon
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: i love the game!
Why You'll "Survive" SURVIVOR: im RESILIENT.
Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: i don't know.

Voting HistoryEdit

Survivor: Las VegasEdit